Hello again everyone!  Rebecca Whitney here, and the time has come to give my second installment on this “Praise Journey” through Youth Ministry here at the Cathedral this year.  As I mentioned in my initial installment, there have been so many amazing moments and experiences where we have seen the Holy Spirit move in the […]

Stephanie was received into Full Communion a few years ago.  More recently, she felt called to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  This is her witness of what that experience meant to her. I went through RCIA over two years ago.  Since then I have enjoyed many avenues the church offers to grow my […]

Our Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Rebecca Whitney, told us that she works with so many amazing young people here at Christ the King and there have been so many moments she has seen Jesus move in their lives, that it’s hard to pick just one story to tell! So she decided to […]

Somewhere in the midst of a week that has felt more like two, another great praise report from a parishioner appeared, and then … disappeared. I’ve looked in every folder and nothing. And now it’s storming. Literally. And we’re past our usual blog deadline on Thursday night and I have … nothing. Ever have a week like […]

Meg Edwards, parish council member, reflects on the ways the parish is responding to the Holy Spirit’s promptings as we seek to transform our parish into one focused on forming, equipping and sending forth intentional disciples of Jesus Christ into the world!

Just over 10 years ago, Jennifer Beck experienced a strong conversion that began a journey to grow closer to Jesus and  that eventually led her to being received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. Shortly afterwards, she gave the following testimony about her journey and what it felt like to “enjoy ample nutrition after a lifetime of adequate but limited meals.” Enjoy Jennifer’s testimony!

Susie Schuster recently entered into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. Shortly afterward, she gave the following testimony about her journey through the RCIA process and how her own relationship with Jesus was transformed as a result. Enjoy Susie’s witness! At first, I was afraid that I would feel awkward in RCIA. I wasn’t sure […]