Meg Edwards, parish council member, reflects on the ways the parish is responding to the Holy Spirit’s promptings as we seek to transform our parish into one focused on forming, equipping and sending forth intentional disciples of Jesus Christ into the world!

Just over 10 years ago, Jennifer Beck experienced a strong conversion that began a journey to grow closer to Jesus and  that eventually led her to being received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. Shortly afterwards, she gave the following testimony about her journey and what it felt like to “enjoy ample nutrition after a lifetime of adequate but limited meals.” Enjoy Jennifer’s testimony!

Susie Schuster recently entered into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. Shortly afterward, she gave the following testimony about her journey through the RCIA process and how her own relationship with Jesus was transformed as a result. Enjoy Susie’s witness! At first, I was afraid that I would feel awkward in RCIA. I wasn’t sure […]

Our next praise report comes from one of our RCIA candidates who recently entered into the process. As part of all inquirer’s initial interview, Deacon Tim takes the inquirer into the St. Kevin’s Perpetual Adoration Chapel, explains the notion of Eucharistic adoration and then invites the inquirer to make themselves feel at home in the chapel on a regular basis as they make their way through the process.

Our third praise report is very short but oh so sweet! It also happens to be the spark that inspired Praise Report – Christ the King in the first place. It happened in the run-up to and on the day of last October’s Summit event and was originally sent as an e-mail to Fr. Paul, Fr. Gino, and Deacon Tim. A reminder that planted seeds will sprout and bloom in God’s time!

This is actually the second praise report filed here at Praise Report – CTK.  If you have not read the first one, then please do so now (CLICK HERE).  Otherwise, this report won’t be nearly as meaningful.  As Paul Harvey so often said, this second praise report is truly, “… the rest of the story.” […]

“All I could think was wow, wow, wow, I feel like I am truly seeing Christ, hearing him right here right now, the parables, the love, and the most intense mercy.”