Most people reflect on the previous year by looking back on it December 31st and waking January 1st committed to losing weight, saving money, or becoming a better Catholic. I however, consider the last 12 months beginning May 2018 as one of the most frightening and joyful periods of my life. It saw a metamorphosis […]

NOTE:  This Saturday at 10:30AM, Danny Taylor, a parishioner here at Christ the King, is scheduled to be ordained a transitional deacon as he continues his journey of discernment towards ordination to the priesthood.  All are invited to come and celebrate this glorious event. On May 17th of 1990, Fr. Bob Murphy, SJ, baptized me […]

My name is David Castillo, and I want to give all of my life to Christ! I desire to completely give God all of my gifts and talents. I hope to share all the love I have received in my life and say, “Father, use these however you want and need. All of my life […]

Dear CTK, Abortion is never the answer to an unplanned pregnancy.  I chose to abort for very selfish reasons, but many women are made to feel that this is their only choice … READ THE WHOLE LETTER HERE.   Sister is asking everyone to watch the trailer to the movie Unplanned and then make plans […]

Like it or not, new year’s resolutions are a part of our culture.  And if taken in balance, they can be a positive thing.  We all need to press “reset” from time to time, don’t we?  What better time to step back and take an honest look at our lives and consider where we can […]

(This praise report was originally printed in the November issue of the King’s Connection) “Christ has no body now, but yours. No hands, no feet on earth, but yours.”  — St. Teresa of Avila Four of your fellow parishioners understand this message that Jesus has called them to reflect his perfect light in the world […]

It’s amazing what can happen when we are open, truly open to the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and bring life into what seems to be hopeless situations.  Patsy Bunnell, a Christ the King parishioner, and Sister Georgette Andrade decided to place their trust in the Holy Spirit and see what would happen.  […]