About “Praise Report – Christ the King”

Welcome to “Praise Report – Christ the King!”  This blog has one purpose; to let the world know that Jesus Christ is alive and active among his disciples at the Cathedral of Christ the King parish.

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As disciples, we know our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is present in the world and in the lives of His people.  We often experience moments, events, circumstances, where God’s presence in a situation is palpable and obvious, especially to those who see with praisejesuseyes of faith.  Often those events, those precious moments, are kept to oneself or perhaps shared with family or a few close friends at best.

We hope to change that with “Praise Report – Christ the King.” We seek to provide a public forum where the people of God who worship and live together at the Cathedral of Christ the King can give public witness to those times when God has made His presence known in some explicit way in their lives and in the life of the Cathedral parish.

We want to encourage all of our members to be aware of God’s presence in their lives and to share those experiences with all who come here to read Praise Report – Christ the King.   In this way, we hope to share the joy of the gospel as God is leading us to discover it.

We are far from a perfect parish.  We are sinners but sinners who know we are beloved sons and daughters of our heavenly Father; who sent his only Son, Jesus, who through his suffering, death, and resurrection, has redeemed and freed us from the chains of sin and death.  We respond to Jesus’ invitation by drawing close to Him as we grow as disciples. With this daily motivation, we desire to give witness to the ways that our Lord is working in our lives and the life of our Cathedral parish.

We hope the praise reports provided here are uplifting and inspirational to you.  We also hope that as people read these praise reports, they will become even more aware that God joyimageis alive and moving among His people, and in their lives as well!  If these praise reports speak to your heart, bring light and life to your day, help you draw closer to Jesus Christ, the Lord of life, then we have been successful.

What about you?  Don’t just be a spectator here. We hope that what you find here will lift you up and draw you closer to the light of Jesus Christ. But God moves in your life too.  Most of us miss many of those moments because we are distracted, too busy, etc.   And if we are honest with ourselves, too often we simply aren’t looking for God’s presence as we go through our busy days.  But if you step back and think about it, you can think of times when you were aware that something unusually good took place. You found yourself in or observing a situation where you just knew God was there, acting in a tangible way that was a blessing for you and/or those you were observing.  The moment probably wasn’t anything “miraculous,” but in retrospect, you knew something out of the ordinary was happening and was not just a “coincidence.”

When you experience those moments, revel in them for sure and give thanks! But don’t let that moment be a blessing only for you or perhaps only to be shared later with a close friend or family member.  Give witness to that moment by writing it up and submitting it to be considered as a praise report for this blog. Give testimony to what it looked and felt like to see God alive and moving in that situation.  Your praise report may be just the thing needed to help others become more aware and alert for the many and varied ways that God indeed moves among his people as he pours his love and mercy out upon us.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details about “Praise Report – Christ the King” including how you can submit your own praise report for consideration to be published here.  May God bless you and make his presence and love known to you in many ways!

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